• One Place After Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity Miwon Kwon

This is a book that I am in the process of reading it helps me to think about the history and process of creating art that is exhibited out side of institutions.

  • The Interventionists Users’ Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life Mass MoCA

This exhibition catalog is a great inspiration for what art can do, while still maintaining a material existence.

  • Outside Lies Magic: Regaining History and Awareness in Everyday Places John R. Stilgoe

This book is a introduction to exploring your everyday environment.  It gets you to notice your everyday man-made environment in new and interesting ways.

  • Massive Change Bruce Mau

This book represents a larger interest in the approach that Bruce Mau takes towards design.  I find his focus on developing a sustainable future with out expecting people to give up modern conveniences an effective approach to the problems our society faces in this modern world.

  • The Language of New Media Lev Manovich

This is a book I am currently in the middle of reading.  It addresses the history and conventions of new media as a possible

  • Cute, Quaint, Hungry and Romantic Daniel Harris

This is a general overview of the main concepts propagated by advertisers.  I find it useful in that is gets me to think about the implicit and explicit messages of visual items that I see, all objects and images not just advertisements.


  • Celebrating Aberrations: A Conversation with Edgar Arceneaux by Lara Taubman

Web Resources

I am interested starting an experimental community center someday.  These web resources are examples of what that can look like.

Other web resources that relate to social practice.  This is an art movement I resonate with because at its best it does more than call attention to something it takes action.

Online Resources