Geodesic Dome

Ron Yob's Visit to the Dome
The Dome in its Packaging
Getting the Items Ready to Pack in
Packing in the Things We Would Need
The Dome Raising
The Finished Dome
Cusi's Visit to the Dome
Rob Larson Giving us a Tour of the Site of Historic Manoomin Beds
Educational Outreach about Geodesic Structures
Stop Motion Animation by group of 2nd and 3rd graders during a field trip to the Dome
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The dome is an excellent place to investigate land practices due to the location being so crucial to the makeup of the history in the Allendale/ Walker area. After learning about the railways that spanned through these very woods, we can gather why there are treeless tranches that span through the area as well as all new, smaller saplings that have sprung from the high levels of logging that took place along the rivers edge many years ago. Deep ecology can also come into play in the dome considering that we have placed ourselves directly in the center of such a nature based environment that we can immerse ourselves within. We are able to to entangle ourselves with nature immediately when entering the dome. We are able to directly tie ourselves to the other beings found both inside and beyond the dome and become connected to them through proper initiation and respectful contact.

In terms of generosity, we constructed our dome in order to provide for our class, but it is also in place to offer a safe haven for those who may get caught in a storm or want a resting place on a long walk. It is not just a place for us, but a place for runners, dog walkers, park visitors, natural resource students doing digs, and so many others that may encounter the dome on a regular basis. This offers a really great perspective of generosity. We offer shelter and information to others after learning and providing for ourselves. (written by Abbie White)